Parkville Campus

Park University in Parkville MO

At Park University’s main campus, we provide a comprehensive selection of undergraduate and graduate education programs for students with a wide range of interests and educational expectations. Park University in Parkville MO offers face-to-face classes that are available days, evenings and weekends. Maximize your prior military experience so it works for you towards a better future. We will need your history of military experience from your Joint Service Transcript or an equivalent with military-earned academic credit.

Park University in Parkville MO provides a personalized classroom setting with flexible course schedules during the daytime, evenings and weekends. We encourage currently serving, veterans, and military family & spouses to explore our educational opportunities and apply to our program.

Courses can be completed in 8-week sessions rather than a traditional 16-week semester and are taught by faculty committed to the success of each student. This campus offers our largest selection of courses and academic programs to meet your area of interest in a classroom setting.

Park University in Parkville MO uniquely offers a center dedicated to providing information and services to military spouses & families, currently serving students and veteran students. The Global Warrior Center is a supplemental resource of Park’s Department for Military and Veteran Student Services, and it provides information and assistance to service members and veterans transitioning in and out of the military.

The Global Warrior Center guides students to become knowledgeable of their educational benefits, works with students being deployed or returning from a tour of duty, helps with access to health care and counseling services, assists with employment searches and provide references or assistance in anything else the veteran needs. A Global Warrior Center is conveniently located at Park University in Parkville MO

  • No. 1 “Best for Vets” private college/university in the country, as announced today by Military Times in its “Best for Vets: Colleges 2016” rankings.
  • No. 2 “Best for Vets” Business School in the country among private colleges/universities, according to Military Times
  • No. 15 on its “Best Online Colleges for Military and G.I. Bill” list by Online Military Education (OME)

Park University continues to rank as one of the most affordable options for those pursing a higher education. Park University is more than an independent, non-profit, fully accredited private university.

We recognize the enormous contribution military personnel make to society during and after service to their country for longer than most colleges have been around.

“A wide range of military friendly degree programs…With a low net price, Park University provides a flexible, high quality education at an affordable cost.”

– Online Military Education (OME)

Academic Programs

Park University in Parkville MO

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Biology, B.A.
Communication Studies, B.A.
Criminal Justice Administration, Corrections Concentration, B.A.
Criminal Justice Administration, Law Enforcement Concentration, B.A.
Criminal Justice Administration, Security Concentration, B.A.
English, B.A.
Fine Art, B.A.
History, B.A.
Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations, B.A.
Organizational Communication, B.A.
Political Science, American Politics Concentration, B.A.
Political Science, International Politics Concentration, B.A.
Psychology, B.A.
Sociology, B.A.
Spanish, B.A.
Bachelor of Music

Music Performance, Piano or Orchestral Strings, B.M.
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Fine Art, B.F.A.
Graphic Design, B.F.A.
Interior Design, B.F.A.

Bachelor of Science in Education

Education Studies: Early Childhood Education: Teaching Young Children, B.S.E.
Elementary Education, B.S.E.
K-12 Education, Art, B.S.E.
K-12 Education (Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical Disabilities), B.S.E.
K-12 Education, Spanish, B.S.E.
Middle School Education, Language Arts Concentration, B.S.E.
Middle School Education, Mathematics Concentration, B.S.E.
Middle School Education, Science Concentration, B.S.E.
Middle School Education, Social Science Concentration, B.S.E.
Secondary Education, Biology Concentration, B.S.E.
Secondary Education, Chemistry Concentration, B.S.E.
Secondary Education, Earth Science Concentration, B.S.E.
Secondary Education, English Concentration, B.S.E.
Secondary Education, Mathematics Concentration, B.S.E.
Secondary Education, Social Science Concentration, B.S.E.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing (Pre-Licensure), B.S.N.

Bachelor of Science

Accounting, B.S.
Biology, B.S.
Business Administration, Accounting Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Business Economics Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Computer Information Management Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Corporate Financial Management Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Digital Marketing Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Human Resource Management Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, International Business Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, International Business and Economic Development Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Labor Economics Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Logistics Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Management Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Marketing Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Personal Financial Planning Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Professional Sales Concentration, B.S.
Business Administration, Project Management Concentration B.S.
Chemistry, B.S.
Dual Degrees: Chemistry & Engineering, B.S.
Dual Degrees: Mathematics & Engineering, B.S.
Economics, B.S.
Fitness and Wellness, B.S.
Geography, B.S.
Information and Computer Science, Computer Science Concentration, B.S.
Information and Computer Science, Cybersecurity Concentration, B.S.
Information and Computer Science, Information Technology Concentration, B.S.
Information and Computer Science, Networking and Security Concentration, B.S.
Information and Computer Science, Software Development Concentration, B.S.
Information and Computer Science, Web Development Concentration, B.S. Location
Information Systems, B.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.
Mathematics, B.S.
Military History, B.S.
Social Psychology, B.S.
Bachelor of Social Work

Social Work, B.S.W.


Computer Networking, Certificate
Cybersecurity, Certificate
Diversity and Social Justice, Certificate
Entrepreneurship, Certificate
Geographical Information Systems, Certificate
Global Communication, Certificate
Industrial Organizational Psychology, Certificate
Personal Financial Planning, Certificate
Professional and Technical Writing, Certificate
Project Management, Certificate
A Skilled Helper (Adult), Certificate
A Skilled Helper (Pre-Adult), Certificate
Terrorism and Homeland Security, Certificate
Unmanned Aerial System, Certificate


Accounting (For Business Majors), Minor
Accounting (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Art History, Minor
Biology, Minor
Business Economics (For Business Majors), Minor
Business Economics (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Chemistry, Minor
Citizenship and Service, Minor
Computer Information Management (For Business Majors), Minor
Computer Information Management (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Construction Management (For Business Majors), Minor
Construction Management (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Criminal Justice Administration, Minor
Digital Marketing (For Business Majors), Minor
Digital Marketing (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Economics, Minor
English, Minor
Entrepreneurship (For Business Majors), Minor
Entrepreneurship (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Finance (For Business Majors), Minor
Finance (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Fine Art, Minor
Fitness and Wellness, Minor
Geographical Information Systems, Minor
Geography, Minor
Geoscience, Minor
Global Studies, Minor
Global Sustainability, Minor
Graphic Design, Minor
Health Care (For Business Majors), Minor
Health Care (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
History, Minor
Homeland Security, Minor
Human Resource Management (For Business Majors), Minor
Human Resource Management (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Information and Computer Science, Minor
International Business (For Business Majors), Minor
International Business (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Journalism, Minor
Leadership, Minor
Legal Studies, Minor
Logistics (For Business Majors), Minor
Logistics (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Management (For Business Majors), Minor
Management (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Marketing (For Business Majors), Minor
Marketing (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Mathematics, Minor
Military History, Minor
Military Studies, Minor
Multidisciplinary Arts, Minor
Natural Science, Minor
Organizational Communication, Minor
Peace Studies, Minor
Philosophy, Minor
Political Science, Minor
Professional and Technical Writing, Minor
Project Management (For Business Majors), Minor
Project Management (For Non-Business Majors), Minor
Psychology, Minor
Public Administration, Minor
Public Relations, Minor
Social Psychology, Minor
Social Work, Minor
Sociology, Minor
Spanish, Minor
Statistics, Minor
Urban and Regional Planning, Minor

Associate Degrees

Construction Management
Criminal Justice Administration
Information and Computer Science
Liberal Arts
Nursing (BSN)
Social Psychology